Geoplast Formwork: lightweight and resistant

Geoplast Geopanel, which allows the creation of walls of any thickness and height.

15 years of experience manufacturing Formwork Systems in ABS technopolymer make Geoplast products reliable and competitive. Our Formwork Solutions offer real savings and more efficient job site operations, allowing fast installation and dismantling, with minimum effort.

In contrast to conventional timber and steel formworks, ABS Formworks have a high load-bearing capacity while being extremely lightweight. A few technical details:

  • Geoplast Geopanel 120x60cm weighs 11 kg/pc. (15 kg/m²), while a wood formwork of same dimensions weighs about 18 kg/m² (+ 20%) and an aluminum one weighs 30 kg/m² (+ 100%);
  • Laboratory tests have measured that Geoplast Formworks resists to a concrete pressure of 72 kN/m². The declared standard resistance of steel and aluminum Formworks is 60 KN/m²;
  • Tests on Geoplast Formworks’ handles have measured an average tensile strength of 1,178.2 kg.

The low weight makes handling much easier, thus reducing the physical strain and also the risk of accidents. In terms of transport and logistics, fewer moving masses are involved and no cranes are required, with a consequent decrease of energy and equipments costs.

Geoplast Formworks guarantee then the maximum safety with the minimum installation effort, and also practicality for daily job site operations. They are in effect extremely adaptable thanks to their modularity and can be erected very quickly.

These features make Geoplast Solutions trusted and appreciated by several customers in 80 countries, including the USA, Japan, Germany, France and South Africa.

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