Geoplast Formwork Systems for Jasmine Palace Hotel in Myanmar

We are in Yangon, Myanmar. Here, Geoplast plastic formworks: Geopanel for concrete walls and Geopanel Star for concrete square and rectangular columns, were chosen to build the luxurious Jasmine Place Hotel.

This is a 4 star hotel, situated in the heart of Yangon that offers a magnificent view of the thriving city center and the stunning Shwedagon Pagoda, a few minutes from scenic Inya Lake, the best shopping centres and restaurants.

Geopanel and Geopanel Star were used to build all the 22 floors of the building, in detail 840 sqm per floor. They were the perfect choice as they are reusable up to 100 times, and allowed savings both in terms of costs and labour, as they are very light and easy to use.

Geopanel is a modular and UV resistant formwork in ABS, to build concrete walls, while Geopanel Star is a modular and reusable formwork system made of high resistance ABS, that permits the infilling of columns, plinths and reinforced concrete walls.

They both are ideal for large scale structures like this one, as they are fast to install and dismantle withouth using a crane. Moreover, they are adjustable to a large size range, and do not not require high trained personell for the worksite operations.

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